Gambling is something that is very detrimental, because gambling encourages criminal acts. Gambling itself is a game using bets. Gambling, of course, is in great demand by the public at this time, this is because people who play gambling never realize the bad effects that gambling brings.

The effects that can be caused by gambling include, gambling can make depression, gambling can cause bankruptcy, and the last bad effect presented by gambling is that gambling encourages criminal acts dominoqq terpercaya . This is due to several or even many factors that can result from the negative effects of gambling.

There are many kinds of gambling that can be found today, namely offline gambling and online gambling. Offline gambling is a gambling that indeed for a game it is sometimes necessary for a dealer to be an intermediary between the players. And there are several types of offline gambling, including poker, soccer gambling, dice gambling and many other gambling.

While online gambling itself is gambling which can be done only by using the internet network without having to meet face to face between the players. Online gambling itself does not require a dealer like people to be able to mediate with gambling players, but the dealer used in online gambling itself is a system that has been arranged in such a way. Some examples of available online gambling are, online poker gambling, online dominoes, dominoqq online.

Offline gambling and online gambling have actually been regulated by the bookie and the available systems. Where the ratio given for a win is smaller than the loss ratio. This is what can lead to criminal acts, because of course as we know that gambling is regulated in such a way.

A player who has lost all his money is often desperate to commit criminal acts in order to get the money he wants to be used for gambling again. Because that is the impact given by gambling, namely gambling encourages criminal acts.


Gambling is like an addiction to the players, and as a result gambling encourages criminal acts that the gambler can do. This is because for players who have lost big, but still want to continue playing gambling, they are finally willing to commit criminal acts such as robbing and killing.

Not infrequently the perpetrators of criminal acts out there who have been successfully apprehended by the security forces argue that the money generated from these criminal acts will be used to be able to play gambling again.

Stay away from gambling from now on if you really don’t want to have the same fate as those who are currently languishing behind bars in prison. Even if you initially did not have the ability to commit a criminal act, it is not impossible that you will continue to do so in the future. Because as has been explained that gambling is like an addiction where it can make players unconsciously to commit criminal acts in order to fulfill the desire to be able to play gambling.

Therefore, stop playing gambling because gambling encourages criminal acts. Plant it in your heart not to approach the world of gambling again, and look for more useful activities so that you can forget about those gambling thoughts.

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