What’s New In The Action RPG: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 not only stirred the waters but caused a tsunami. With all the new features added in the game it proved to be a commercial success. Furthermore it sold two million copies worldwide within its first week. We shouldn’t be surprised because the gamers became stunned after 5 minutes of game play. Developers thankfully listened to the gaming community begging for some teaks here and there or some 7.62×39 ammo for sale big changes.

So what’s new you are asking? First of all they have doubled the content, or at least this is what I think. It seemed bigger than Mass Effect 1. You now can explore 2 times more planetary systems, still in the same galaxy. On the one hand this is so cool because you will find some more side missions and challenges, plus it adds some valuable and really wanted variety by stepping away from your main mission just a bit. On the other hand more content means more game play hours plus more fun. Now you can also find more races, having their own history, habits and culture in general. Some of them participate in the main story a lot and some do not.

A really big thank you from us the gamers to the developers for removing the so slow elevators. Being stuck in an elevator for almost a minute is NOT fun. There were some random comments from the other NPCs or you could listen to the news on the elevator speakers but still it could make you cry of boredom. It is totally understandable why they did it. They tried to add some realism in the game. But it is more preferable adding realism in combat than waiting in an elevator. For crying out loud people!

No more heat sinks in the weapons. This was another black spot in Mass Effect 1. You could fire your weapons forever cause there was not any ammo restriction, BUT, if you did that your weapon could get overheated and block – get locked for the rest of the mission. This was really, really annoying when you had 3 of 4 weapons locked, because of your “Rambo shooting” habits or because of enemy skills causing overheat. Now there is an ammo restriction but no worries. You will never run out of ammo as long you are accurate enough. It is much more preferable to be out of ammo where you can replenish them than having a locked weapon.

The Johnny come lately was the 30-06. It originally came out in 1903 as the 30-03 employing a 220 grain round nose bullet. It came out in the Springfield rifle which is a close copy of the Mauser 98 In fact prior to WWI the US paid a royalty to Germany for each Springfield produced. In 1906 the 150 grain spitzer was employed at a muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second. There were many military loads employed including a 173 grain at 2700 though it was slightly reduced later on to 2640 FPS. It was replaced in 1957 by the 7.62 X 51 NATO round. However it is a popular as ever among civilians. Anyone who makes rifles and ammo has both in the 30-06. It is the most widely distributed cartridge worldwide.

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