Barbie Dolls for Holiday

Since people love to collect something from holidays, the creators of Barbie-Mattel, Inc.-have come up with numerous Barbie doll designs that are fit for each holiday occasion らぶどーる. These Holiday Barbie dolls are quite thematic for the season and are becoming most sought-after items especially to Barbie collectors worldwide.

Indeed, there are seemingly countless Barbie dolls that were released to cater the collectors’ demand annually. Whether you are interested in collecting Barbie created for a specific holiday or you would want to collect Barbie dolls for all seasons, occasions, and holidays, you better be aware what the are most collectible Barbie dolls to watch out for.

Never miss the Ferrari Barbie Doll. You’re indeed lucky to get a hold of this Barbie doll because it was originally meant to be released overseas alone. But since there is a growing collector’s demand, it was made available to the U.S. market. Since it is a special holiday Barbie dolls, this is quite expensive for a doll that doesn’t have an elaborate gown.

Although it might seem that its pricey for a doll that doesn’t have elaborate details, the Barbie doll’s unique details and accessories like a the Ferrari-lined jacket, laced up boots, and a Ferrari-inspired skirt make up for it. Plus, the Ferrari Barbie is segmented as a Gold Label doll, meaning it can increase its value as time goes by.

Meeting up with the tradition of releasing holiday Barbie dolls for each holiday season, this doll is considered as a unique piece because it comes with unique outfit that is enchanting combination of red, silver and emerald accents and jewelry. It is also one of the most sought-after Barbie dolls because it comes in Caucasian or African American appearances.

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