Invest in Real Estate For a Brighter Future

Have you read the headlines? According to a recent AP report over 2 trillion dollars in retirement funds invested in traditional investments like stocks have been lost during the last 15 months. Are you one of the victims of this crazy market? Our leaders seem to be scrambling like rats to end this current crisis. So far their efforts have been in vain. What are we to do as we see our future floats down the drain? What is going to happen to our plans to send our kids to college or enjoy our retirement? What will happen Romeo Abdo if this downward spiral continues? You should think about acquiring a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate.

What Is Real Estate?

When I started seeing my investments crash before my eyes, I decided it was time to seek the advice of an expert. What he told me was that investing in my company’s 401K was not the best option for me right now. My company places half of my 401k into their own company stock. That means if for some reason my company goes out of business, I will not only lose my job; I will also lose half of the money that I have set aside for my future. I never thought about that at all. He suggested that I roll over my 401K into a Roth IRA. He also suggested that I think about purchasing real estate in your IRA.

He told me with that by making this choice; I would open up my investment possibilities. I would no longer just have to invest in stocks or bonds. Instead I could choose a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate. That is right, I could buy real estate and have the money that the property earns added to my retirement fund.

He went on to explain that in today’s iffy market a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate is a safe bet. There are thousands of properties available for sale. Many of these properties are priced lower than they ever will be again. The government plans to buy up these mortgages so that the housing market can be stabilized. When the market and our economy stabilize, the price of these properties will go up. By investing in them now when the cost is low and waiting to sell them until the price rises, you are insuring that you will have a retirement fund in the future.

Many people know that real estate investing can be very lucrative. For that reason alone, will make people want to get their share of the pie. They know that this is a great way to build wealth, not only for them, but they can also pass it down to their future generations.

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