The Ancient Sudbury of Suffolk

With history dating back to 799 AD, Sudbury is a small market town located directly on the River Stour. This town is located only 60 miles from London, giving it a close proximity to the more metropolitan life of the big city. Sudbury has boasted a number of famous persons over its existence, many of which a person could learn more about through visiting the numerous historical sites throughout the town.

This small market town has done a great deal to enrich the history of England and one could easily see all of the history it carries located in the architecture of Sudbury rhubarb candle . A visit to the town could expose anyone to a variety of different forms of history which took place in and around Sudbury.

One of the most famous citizens to come from Sudbury was the painter Thomas Gainsborough. His works are some of the most famous landscape and portrait works from 18th Century Britain and he has influenced a number of painters throughout history. His birthplace in Sudbury has been transformed into the Gainsborough House, a museum dedicated to his life and artwork. Many of his most valuable artworks are on display at this museum. The town also boasts a statue of Gainsborough located outside of St. Peter’s Church.

One could potentially argue that Charles Dickens even found inspiration through the local government of Sudbury. The Sudbury election of 1835 is very similar to one of the elections Dickens wrote about in Pickwick Papers. In 1841, Sudbury became the first location in the UK to elect a minority to office by voting the son of an Indian queen to a parliament position.

Sudbury was also the location of a squadron of American Air Force bombers during World War II. All of these events combine to give Sudbury a rich and dynamic history that makes the town stand out among typical small towns in Britain. Anyone who visits Sudbury will know that they are in a location of rich historical importance.

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