Stop Complaining – Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

Everyone complains about being over weight. People are constantly saying that they need to go on diet at the beginning of the year. After all, it is holiday time and when families are getting together, how can I possibly be on a diet. Besides, diets start on Mondays. Of course, yours will end on Monday afternoon or before because if you are still talking about it, you are surely doing nothing to solve your weight problem.

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All of my life I only had to look at food and I gained weight. I just had to stare at it or smell something good and I gained 10 pounds. Whether it was a celery stork or an ice cream cone, the results were always the same. I always had a problem losing weight. I too used the same excuses that you do as a child and an adult. I will start next week after the holidays. I will join Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. I will try the Slim Fast Plan or even Nutra-System. All of these plans work if you follow them and do not deviate from what your weight consultant tells you to do. Of course, if you are a couch potato and like to sit and eat, you might not lose the weight as easily or fast as someone that incorporates some exercise along with dieting in their plan to slim down for whatever time of the year you choose to wake up and GET IT STARTED FOR REAL! MissFox

As a child, my mom chose my clothes and always had me wearing polka dots or stripes, which made me, look like a round beach ball. Imagine wearing a red and pink polka dot dress to school with black saddle shoes and white socks. No one wants to be caught wearing such an awful outfit. However, my mom thought I was cute. I was laughed at, picked on by the other kids because I was overweight, and looked like a beached whale or beach ball in some of the outfits I wore to school.

My mom even went as far as making me take dancing lessons when I was younger in order to help me develop some grace and poise. The sight of me in a leotard was enough to make anyone double over and laugh until they were in tears. I hated dancing school I could not stand ballet or acrobatics. I really did not like putting on my leotard when I weighed close to 160 pounds of jiggling fat and blubber. I could barely fit into the tights and the leotard made me look something between the fat woman in the circus and Miss Piggy in a pink ballet outfit. My mom felt that dancing lessons would be good for me, make me more graceful, and possibly help me lose weight. All it did was make me more self-conscious and want to crawl under a rock or into a turtle shell and hide. However, being so fat, I could not fit into a turtle shell or even a seashell. To make matters worse, I would eat myself into oblivion because I really did not care how I looked or about losing weight. I just gave up. The more I ate the worse I felt and the more I started to feel tired and listless. My legs became so tired when I was walking home from school that I barely made it up the six flights of stairs to our apartment on the third floor.

I realized that I could not go on like this any more. I went to the doctor who took many tests and finally told me that I had a thyroid problem, which was causing my weight gain. He gave me some medication to take and I began losing some of the weight. However, even with these pills I was never able to lose that much. I was never really very agile or limber like my sister and my cousins. Therefore, I gave up trying. I decided to channel my energies into things that I did better than everyone else in my family did. I started to play two musical instruments, the piano, and the violin and became so proficient at both that I was first violinist throughout Junior and Senior High School. However, even though I played the violin and eventually played the piano well enough to accompany the orchestra and help the music teacher, this did not do anything to alleviate my weight problem.

Being overweight is very traumatic when you are a young child but it is just as awful when you get older. Throughout my entire young adult life, have I fought with a weight problem? There were times I just ate myself into oblivion and did not care about anything. I became so frustrated that I became so overweight I could barely walk. Being short and wearing clothes that were oversized, I hid my weight fairly well, but I knew it was there. My cousins would laugh at me when they watched me eat. They said you look more like Tubby the Tuba than Tubby. They even laughed at me when I told them that I was going to lose weight and really try hard to become thin. Of course, in my heart I knew that this was going to be hard, but try I did. Eventually, I did lose some of the weight when my thyroid was finally under control. However, it did not mean that I could resume my binge eating.

Then the rude awakening happened. I turned 18 and I wanted to go on my first date. I never went out before because no one would ask out an ugly fat girl with a big nose. My dad, Doc, knew many people and I think he paid this person to take me out. It was just awful. He took one look at me and said not for all the money in the whole world would I go out with her. I really thought that I looked nice. I did lose weight and was wearing a very nice dress and a cool pair or shoes. My sister helped me to decide what to wear. However, I still looked like me and I guess not being very pretty still mattered to boys that were 18 or 19 years old. Being superficial, I guess was the main quality most boys had and I found out later men did too. That ended in disaster. He left before I could even say hello and let him know that I was a really smart and cool person who knew music, the latest dances (even if I wasn’t the greatest dancer) and played two instruments. My dad tried, tried, and so did my friends, but nothing helped. I finally decided that I wanted to look even better and had plastic surgery to fix my deviated septum and of course reconstruct my nose.

I never realized what a difference that would make in how I looked and that people really do judge and treat you differently when you look good. It is sad that when I would go shopping the sales people would ignore me because I was overweight and even comment that I should go to stores, which sold clothes in bigger sizes. People really do treat you for your appearance first and everything else last.

On June 10, 2005, I got the wakeup call of my life. My doctor phoned me and told me that my cholesterol was high and that I had to really think about what I was eating or I would risk heart disease and worse. It was about 6:45 in the morning and I was barely awake and had to comprehend what he was telling me. After listening to him on the phone and his suggestions for what I should not eat I realized I needed some support and went to his office that morning to discuss a diet and exercise plan to help me lose the weight. Looking at me in the mirror was a reality check. I looked older than my years because of the weight and I knew I had to really do something fast. NO MORE EXCUSES! NO MORE DELAYS! I decided to stop feeling sorry for me and complaining and I DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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