BlackBerry GPS App – How To Track Employees Using A Blackberry GPS App

As an employer with teams working in the field, keeping track of their locations can be a costly and cumbersome task, however a Blackberry GPS App might just alleviate some of that burden 聊天室. Not only can the BB GPS app, monitor employee locations it also allows you to know their whereabouts in case of emergency. Whatever your reason for monitoring your employees location, GPS Apps are a low cost solution to what can be a complex concern for employers.


A Blackberry GPS app is built specifically for use with Blackberry cellphones 交友網. Installation on the Blackberry cellphone generally takes no longer than 15 minutes per device and is done using the inbuilt web browser on the cellphone itself. Once installed you (administrator) can keep track of any and all Blackberry phones that have the device installed.

The app works by constantly recording the GPS location of the Blackberry being tracked 識女仔方法. The GPS co-ordinates are then uploaded from the cellphone to a remote server, this is done at various intervals. The Administrator is then able to view the location information on an online site. The web based dashboard lists all the GPS locations. In addition to the the location a time and date stamp is also shown, providing historical tracking information. To view more detailed information, simply click on a location and you will see where the GPS location is on a map.


This type of tracking app has a number of obvious benefits. As an employer of field based teams a BB tracking app is the perfect way to track the team location without requiring input from the employees themselves. At under $50 for the app, a GPS tracking app is a lot more cost effective than any vehicle based GPS system. Vehicle based systems can be obsolete if your employee leaves the vehicle parked and uses public transport to visit clients, whereas a Blackberry GPS tracking app remains with the employee throughout the journey. This type of GPS tracking app is not country specific and allows employers to track their staff regardless of what part of the world they may be operating.

All employers are constantly reviewing their costs, and in some industries employee tracking is a major outgoing for a company. A BB GPS tracking app can combine the necessity of the work provided cellphone and employee tracking in a very cost effective way. Blackberry tracking apps are also unobtrusive and therefore won’t interfere with the employee in their day to day activities, but will provide the company with a full view of employee locations should an emergency situation arise. A Blackberry GPS app makes economic and logistical sense to any company operating in today’s demanding economy.


If you’re convinced that a BlackBerry tracking [] app is right for you, then check out this BlackBerry GPS app resource site that is full of the latest BlackBerry tracking app reviews and news.

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