Let Off Some Steam in the Miami Heat

Looking for a hot vacation in the tropics? Miami is the place to be. Stunning beaches, crystal-clear water, breathtaking blue skies, and luxury living unlike anywhere else are all waiting for you in this tropical paradise. And after a day spent sprawled on the warm sun-bleached sands, you’ll find the nightlife of Miami even hotter. Choose a downtown Miami hotel as your home away from home and everything this thriving city has to offer will be just steps from your door.

Hot Summer Days

Luxury Yacht Charter Miami Beach

By day, Miami is a sun-lovers’ dream. Miles of beaches and open water provide you with plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Lounge beneath a towering palm, take a relaxing dip in the warm waters of the Atlantic or don your SCUBA gear and frolic with the fishes in Biscayne Bay yacht charter miami.

For true relaxation in the lap of luxury, charter a yacht and see Florida from the water. You’ll cruise along Miami Beach in extravagant style. From Miami, you can fulfill your sailing fantasies with an outing to South Florida, the Florida Keys or the Bahamas. Even the Caribbean is within your reach when you board a lavish cabin-cruiser. Visit wild tropical islands or relax in an opulent day spa where your every desire is granted.

For the sporting type, Biscayne Bay is an underwater playground teeming with bright fishes and corals, darting stingrays and friendly manatee, and more shipwrecks than any other popular diving spot. Enjoy the enchanting underwater scenery you’ll encounter in the clear waters off Miami Beach.

If you prefer to see the fish from above sea level, a deep-sea fishing trip is just the adventure you’re looking for. The warm waters off the coast of Florida are home to some of the greatest sport fish in the world. Sailfish, swordfish and kingfish are just some of the varieties that live and breed in the water around Miami. You’re as likely to land a marlin as a shark, so every cast is a potential trophy.

Hot Summer Nights

Catch a late dinner, enjoy a drink or two and then dance the night away in some of the hippest and hottest nightclubs in the world. Let the rhythm of the newest dance mix get your blood pumping and your feet moving. After a day relaxing in the sun, it’s good to get a little exercise out on the dance floor. Learn the latest Cuban dance or simply soak up the energy and enjoy the party.

No matter what the calendar says, it’s always summer in Miami. Cloudless skies, white-sand beaches, brilliant azure seas and stunning vistas will make you wish your tropical vacation would never end. Whether you come for the sun, the sport or the nightlife, you’ll enjoy extraordinary luxury when you choose a Miami boutique hotel convenient to all you seek. Sleep where first is the only class and every day is filled with delightful extravagance, and you’ll remember Miami as your hottest vacation ever.

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